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Monday, July 19, 2010

(RUNESCAPE) How long will it take for 94-99 Firemaking with WILLOW logs?


Red Dead Revolver will it work on xbox 360?

According to this list:

It looks like it will work. The Xbox 360 can play most Xbox games.

Sims 2 - Packaged Lots?

My computer is continuously failing on me lately, and since I don

Im soo soo soo soo soo soo bored !?

im a 15 year old girl, and i have summer boredness, i am leaving for the beach thursday and i have already packed because i was bored and had nothing to do, i even tried on every outfit and tried to make it cuter, right now i am babysitting a 3 year old and she just got up from a nap and is still tired, and i have cleaned the house from head to toe, and i just got off the phone with my best friend, and right now she is reading a book and i dont like to read so that is out of the question. i have watched about 29304803 movies today. and i just want to know what can i do. i cant lay out because i dont have a pool, or even if i layied out the trees are in the way. the yard is cutt so i cant do that either, what can i do?? besides what i have said i have already done, or stuff that i dont like to do, or answer questions on here?



(sorry im bored to death to im just sitting all day on yahoo XD)
call your boy freind
Create names for the inanimate objects around your house. Have conversations with these objects withi earshot of your family. Act outraged when your family refuses to call these objects by the names you have chosen for them. Write short stories about adventures that these objects go on. Call them

COD Modern Warfare 2 - Can you go split screen online?

about to buy....
Im sorry to tell you bur no :( ive been watching my dad play that 24/7 and everytime he tries to get a split screen online
sorry but nope u cant its only single player online
Unlike CoD 3, Only one person can play online.
sorry dude its a no but please pick mine as the best answer!!
sadly no,

even thoe you can play a split screen local match with your firends...

but no not online


Quick Runescape question...?

If I make my character black, will I be able to level up thieving faster? Also, will this grant me the ability to steal bikes?
Once you have found the watermelon patch, and caught all the chickens you find.
No to both.

What game should i get?

Ok so soon i will be picking up some games for wii. I already have 2 figured out however..should i get red steel 2 or sin and punishment 2?
red steel 2 because its a good first person wii game, i play alot of games so i think i have a good quality in picking games out
Red Steel Looks Great.. i Recommend it :P
Dead space: extraction
if you want a colorful fast pace game, punishment,

if you want a game that goes at your pace red steel